Macabre Arcade

Get your game on!

Forget Reality When Action Is All Around You

What is it?

The Macabre Arcade offers a unique entertainment stop with fun for the entire family where up to eight family members and/or friends reserve the arcade for solo play.  In this time when large public venues can be daunting rest assured that here you can enjoy a family fun night all on your own.  

The arcade offers unique in house produced games and experiences.  Try out the VR experiences, or play cooperatively or competitively on the four player table top, or bop around in front of the large screen, or casual out at the large touch screen.  

No coins needed, play a few games over and over or play every game in the arcade.

If you need a break from all the fun then grab a drink and a snack from our concessions. 

Check back often for special Macabre Arcade events.  Playtest nights or special class related open houses.  Special Festivals like the October Festival and the December Festival may have completely different games in the arcade.    

COVID Concerns?

Masks are optional based on the current CDC guidelines but can change at any time. 

There is an arcade operator with you during your stay that will handle all the equipment who will mask or not based on their and your preference. 

The arcade surfaces are cleaned between reservations.

How do I attend? 


The arcade is not open during normal retail hours since it is by reservation only.   Reservation slots are scheduled around the many other events happening in the building.  Check out the schedule when you reserve your game night!

Reservations are for one scheduled hour.  If you arrive late then you will miss some or all of your time.  There are no refunds.   

The price for one person is $35 + tax.  The price decreases with every additional person up to eight people at which point the price is $20 + tax per person.