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What is it?

Our theater space also makes for a great presentation space.  Just walk in and load up your PowerPoint presentation.   Multiple presenters?  No problem, they can wait their turn in our Green Room behind the stage.  

Want to reveal the latest product or the years plan? On a stage, with curtains and theatrical lighting will give your presentation the sparkle that it deserved.  


Let's just start with the space.  From there we can talk about adding on an AV package, a lighting package, a luncheon package,  and so on.   


The presentation space has up to three projectors setup in it so you can show your company logo, your presentation, and maybe even a camera closeup of the presenter.  A mic and sound system allows all your guests to hear every word.  

Creative Lighting

The theater lighting is available to light the stage to your specifications.  Colored lighting takes any meeting and turns it into a production. 

Breakout Space

Lunch and a meeting?  Absolutely.  A catered lunch can be held in the large Main room or the space can be setup simply with tables for break out groups to gather.  

Lab for email checking

A small lab allows people the chance to check their email or search something quickly. 

How do I start? 

Contact us today to start a conversation.  We will send you our base package plan information, plus all the possible addons that will shape your meeting.   Schedule a time to come and look at the space. 

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